Friday, July 9, 2010

A Not-Totally-Unrelated Tie to Current Events!

In order to complete a full multi-channel, Web 2.0-ish discussion of the current Lebron James news* (also discussed over Twitter! Phone! IM! E-mail! Something called face-to-face discussion!), here is a fitting posting to add "Blogging!" to the list. LBJ popularity over his NBA career, as measured in totally fictional national opinion polls:

*Note that the news is he is a sniveling egomaniac who totally deserves all of the hate he's getting right now.... And this doesn't necessarily reflect the opinion of this site as a whole, but it should!


  1. Ha! I found out about this blog post via our automatic twitter post after new articles, so it's even more multi-channel!

  2. Also add to the list:

    Handwritten Note! Paper Airplane! Survey! (Well done on that one, Dan!)