Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bad CNN!

I was watching CNN this morning before work, enjoying my breakfast, when all of a sudden they put up a graph of tornado deaths by year. Let's take a look - this is the screenshot of the full TV screen:

I'm not sure whether this was done hurriedly before going on air, and there wasn't time to edit. I'm not sure if it was quickly scanned from a random website as there wasn't enough time to create the graph themselves based on the data. All I know is, I found it amusing!* Not too pretty on its own, but the default, meaningless legend on the right demanded I take a screenshot and share.

*Obviously not the subject matter... Just the visualization!


  1. Ha, they haven't upgraded to Excel 2007.

  2. You'd expect more from CNN! Just came across your blog - looks like you've got some good stuff here - I look forward to your future posts!