Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NFL Stats Comparison

Here is a small analysis of stats comparison to wins, by team. I put in the logos of our teams since that's the ones we care about, but will probably go back and add all logos eventually. This clearly shows the Broncos were a decent team offensively, but were TERRIBLE on defensive, hence the hiring of a defensive coach.

The Packers were very comparable to the Steelers statistically, should be a great Super Bowl.

And the Bears were very solid defensively, but were more offensively challenged than I thought, ranked 28th in passing, but didn't need to do much with their defense supporting them.

The dashboardlooks cramped on the website, but is easier to compare when you go to each individual tab.

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  1. Dan,

    Go to this link to download a zip file which you can extract to the Shapes folder under My Tableau Repository. It has all of the NFL logos in alphanumeric order. If you use the team's nickname, then they'll assign in the proper order, but if you use the full name for the team, then you'll have to manually assign the shapes.