Thursday, April 1, 2010

I recently got an e-mail for a flash-based dashboard company with a link to their demo. (See screen shot below). How much of this is useful information and how much of the dashboard is wasted on chart junk? Seems like this space could be used a lot more effectively, but is this what people are asking for on their dashboards?


  1. Boy oh boy. Where to start?

    First, I understand that marketechture always includes the flashiest and shiniest examples, as well as as many different offerings as possible - not necessarily the ones that fit the data the best.

    Second, I will refrain from any comments about the out-of-the-box fonts and spacing, except for EGADS! All of the column charts with 10X more space for the labels than the data!!!

    I think my response to this ought to have its own entry - not because I think my opinions are so important, but more that I'm afraid I will run into my character limit in these comments.

    And I'm pretty sure that Dan, you posted this knowing I'd have this reaction :)

  2. I'm glad you posted this. I know of a similar albeit unnamed dashboard that could suffer the fate if great care is not taken. Note the graphics are powered by FusionCharts.